3 Types of Men…

As I sat watching ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, I felt as if I had an “aha” moment. It seemed as if every type of man was being revealed before my very eyes. On display were the workings of the various types of men women frequently encounter while dating. Even more revealing was seeing how the women were reacting to the way in which they were being treated. There has been a lot to learn from the past few episodes and it is my pleasure to discuss it with you! Below you will find the 3 types of men that we will run into while dating, as revealed by ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise.
Men Lie. Don’t tell me we have forgotten. This is dating 101. Yes, women lie too and I discuss that here but right now men are the topic of discussion. Men are nice and on their best behavior in the beginning because they want something! This could be sex, status, a confidence boost, or maybe even a wife. Either way, assume they’re lying until you can figure out the true intention of their actions.

So as a result of my indulgent watching of Bachelor in Paradise I have placed men into 3 categories. I believe you’ll find my insights to be true. I present to you the dogs, the snakes, and the wildcats.

I shall explain.

1. The Dog

The first type of man is frankly, I think, the best type of man. A dog. Dogs where their emotions outwardly. You can tell how they’re feeling. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Are they approaching eagerly to lock you? Are they wagging their tail? Are they cautiously sniffing you? And they slowly backing away? Are they in close proximity but their tails are down? You get the picture. They are easy to read, but there is a catch. Because of how cute and desirable they are there are some people am that refuse to ignore the emotional cues of the man they are with. If they are pulling way, something is wrong. If they are not eagerly awaiting your presence, defection and communication, something is wrong. Read the signs ladies. (In case it wasn’t Brendan would be the example of this type of man (liar)).

2. The Snake

The second type of man would be the snake. Snakes are quiet. Slow and strategic with their movements. You don’t see them coming and when they strike it seemingly comes from out of nowhere. These are the hardest to spot and I wish I had advice to offer that to just watch out. The best way to combat this kind of liar is to proceed cautiously and watch your every step. If you happen to get trapped by one all you can do is take it as a lesson learned and move on. Quickly. He is most certainly not worth any more time. (This would be…Chris)


Last but not least we have the magnificent wildcat. Can you guess what kind of liar this is? Or better yet, who this is…? Wildcats are beautiful creatures, they move majestically, and are very charismatic. From a distance they are harmless and it’s great watching them in action. But if you get to close or dare decide to trust one you better believe you are in great danger. Like the snake they also move strategically, the difference being that you would never trust a snake when you see a snake, but if a wildcat seems docile and willing to be domesticated you may just consider taking one home. Don’t do it. You need to test the wildcats with time to truly see if they can be trusted (This is Thomas in case you hadn’t guessed).

Have you experienced dating any of these types of men? Do you think there is another category that I’ve missed? I’d live to hear. Let me know in the comments below.

Until the next one,

Jasmine B.

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