First, I have just have to say that I am so glad you are here! Yay!


I was born in California, raised in Georgia and am currently residing in Phoenix, AZ. It is in AZ that I met my husband and am raising our two little ones. We recently added a new edition to our family as well, our doberman, Duchess! I currently work an 8 to 5 and spend the little spare time that I have watching movies, running around outdoors, and out with my girls and/or hubby.

Why Blogging

I started this blog as an outlet where I can vent and creatively record some random thoughts, insights, events, and memories. (I am continuing this blog to prove to my husband that I do not quit everything that I start). Over time it has turned into a blog all about relationships. Our relationships are what give our lives purpose and navigating them can be tricky. I am hoping that through my writing you will get some inspiration, be encouraged, and in no way feel alone in your experiences, as I once did. I hope that my mistakes are a launching pad for your successes!

With Love,

Jasmine Burch