Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Eat Right for my Blood Type. Which diet is best for me?

I’ve been telling myself for a few years now that I would get my diet together before I turn 30. Since I am now 29 I’ve had to stop thinking about it and actually take some action. So I have to decide which diet is best for me.

My first step in taking action was doing a detox. And I’m not talking about drinking one of those cute juices for a few days. I’m talking nasty tea and pills that would literally flush my system. While doing the detox I had to eat healthier. I eliminated meat, cheese, and highly processed foods from my diet for 3 days to start.

The detox step was important for me because it forced me to eat healthier. How could I flush my system while eating pizza and hamburger? I honestly do not think I would have been as motivated if I didn’t jump start everything with the detox. Now that that phase is complete I am forced to make some more decisions. Where do I go from here?

I absolutely need to be realistic with my goals because if I told myself “I will never eat meat again”, I most likely would not follow through. A more realistic goal would be that I will only eat meat once a week, or I will no longer eat chicken and pork, or I will only eat fish. As someone who has difficulty being decisive this may take some trial and error and will evolve over time.

I also have to consider my husband and kids in regard to what groceries I am buying, what type of meals they will be eating, and what I will be cooking for them. It’s one thing for me not to eat meat, but making a delicious vegetarian meal for 3 picky eaters is another story.

And of course there is the matter of budget. In eating healthier I have found myself going to the grocery store more often and the bill getting higher. To fix this I am sure that preparation is key so I will definitely be needing to take extra time to plan all meals in advance.

There’s just so many options and all of them seem right logically, but I am finding that what works for others may not work for me and that’s okay. I refuse to put myself in a diet box, but I will restrict myself where I believe it’s necessary. I will not be able to call myself a vegetarian, or pescatarian, or anything else. There is no reason for me to try and mimic someone else’s diet or restrictions. What is more important is that I am making healthier choices and paying attention to how I feel after eating certain foods. I must listen to my body.

After the past few days my body is telling me that a better diet will lead me to being less tired throughout the day and being less irritable as well. That alone is worth the extra work that will go into planning and spending more time in the kitchen cooking natural foods.

So my goals for now will be as follows:

  1. Eat meat only 1 day a week (beef only since it is considered “Green” for my blood type)
  2. Avoid the “Red” vegetables according to my blood type
  3. Avoid “Red” drinks according to my blood type

As far as the kids go I do not plan to limit them when it comes to breakfast and lunch. For now, they will still get their nuggets, fries, pizza, cereal, etc. However when it comes to dinner I will attempt to keep it vegetarian or pescatarian 6 days a week.

Seems like a bit much now that I am writing it down but I believe it is a good place to start.

One hopeful Mama,

Jasmine B.

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