How much work is a puppy, really? Here’s 4 things you need before you bring a puppy home.

Well, if you are a parent then you already have an idea of how much work a puppy is. Before we got our Doberman, Duchess, many people told us how having a puppy was just like having a baby. They are needy, whiney, and not potty trained. A typical day involves a pattern of eat, poop, sleep, pee, play, pee, repeat.

The people that warned us were almost right about the puppy/baby comparison. Babies are actually easier than a puppy for two reasons:

  • Babies are immobile, puppies are not.
  • Babies wear diapers, puppies do not.

So getting a puppy is more like adopting a 2-year old. They are fast, they don’t listen, they talk back, and they are in need of serious training.

Duchess the Doberman

So, should you get a puppy? Here are 4 things you will need in your arsenal before you bring your puppy home. I’m not talking toys, food, etc. There’s plenty of these lists available. I’m talking about the tools you can’t buy.

  1. Patience
    • It may seem silly but I didn’t realize how much patience I was going to need when we brought Duchess home. Frankly, I was already short on patience when it came to the kids so adding her to the mix could have been detrimental to our family dynamic. I have since lowered my expectations regarding Duchess’s behavior. It has helped that at many times Duchess and Gabriella, my two-year old will literally act behave the exact same way. Example: I call each one of their names when they do something wrong and what do they do? They jet off running in the opposite direction.
  2. Time
    • One of the main reasons we got a puppy when we did was because we were working from home. We considered waiting another year or two but felt that we may not have the opportunity to be home again and give our pup the time and attention it would need. It worked out great because we had the time to take her outside every hour so she wouldn’t have accidents in the house. We had more time to bond with her so she seamlessly felt at home and comfortable with our family. With no commute time we had more time for walks and training and play as well. I would have felt bad leaving her in a crate everyday while we were away at work. The more time you have, the better. This way you are able to bond, train, and come together as a family in a shorter amount of time.
  3. Energy
    • I wouldn’t consider myself lazy, but I am am not the most active person either. I am getting better about it but that’s another conversation. Definitely do your research regarding dog breed temperament before making your puppy purchase. You do not want to get a dog that needs a lot of exercise when you don’t like to exercise. And letting them out into the yard is not enough. I learned very quickly that simply letting Duchess outside to run was not going to work. She needs engagement, whether inside or outside. And if she doesn’t she doesn’t get that engagement she’s incredibly rambunctious naughty. The opposite is true as well. If you are adventurous and active make sure not to get a dog that’s lazy and like to chill. You want your lifestyles to match. regardless of their temperament be prepared for a crazy energetic puppy stage. Even if you get a chill dog just prepare yourself or a few months of high energy.
  4. Money
    • This is a given but I felt compelled to mention it. Having a dog costs way more than just their purchase. There is food, toys, grooming, vet visits, insurance, dog crate, dog gates, etc. I suggest putting everything that you need to buy in an amazon cart so that you can get a full view of your upfront costs. Plus research any vet expenses such as puppy shots, spaying/neutering, office visits (they charge just to walk in the door), heart worm and flea/tick medicine, and any extra surgeries (ex. we got our pups ears cropped). Put it all together and take a hard look to make sure that it is a financial commitment that you are willing to make.
Walks with @the_dobie_duchess

So, that you know what you need before bringing a puppy home do you think that you are ready to be a new puppy parent? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, there’s no shame in waiting a bit before you are more ready to take on the challenge! If the answer is yes, I’m super excited for you! Be sure to share your cute puppy pics with me below!

With love,

Jasmine B.

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