We’re Moving?!?

Yup, from Phoenix to San Francisco. We have decided to pack up our home, rent out the place, and move in with my family in CA.

Photo by KEHN HERMANO on Pexels.com

Why? Quite frankly, I was feeling restless. I am someone that gets anxious when life becomes mundane. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. I have come to accept it as God’s way of nudging me to make a move, to not get too comfortable.

When I look back, some of my best decisions have resulted from my restlessness. When I became a Flight attendant I was looking for adventure. When I moved to phoenix I was anxious about being alone and decided to move in with my now husband. When I became wary of leaving both the kids at home I decided to leave the skies for new career path.

I do have to keep my anxiety in check, though. When I make my decisions too quickly it tends to cause unnecessary complications. So, for this move in particular I have been sure to slow down and make sure that it makes enough enough. Enough sense for it to be worth the difficulties we are sure to face as a result of our decision.

In order to make our decision we physically wrote down a list of pros and cons. I will honestly say the cons outweighed the pros, but I felt that the pros carried more weight than the cons. For instance, the con of having to share a home with other family members (resulting in limited space and privacy), I believe, is far outweighed by the pro of being able to experience living in such a vibrant, multicultural city. We also wrote down all of our expenses. The expense of the move and new cost of living against the amount of money we anticipate saving. This was huge for us because if we weren’t going to be able to save money then we were not going to make the move. Everything, at least on paper has checked out monetarily.

Now we getting to the tough part. Taking action.

So far this has all been an idea. Now that actual steps are being taken to move forward, more anxiety is kicking in. I have learned, however, to recognize when such feelings are the result of fear. I am fearful of the unknown, but excited for it as well. I am incredibly thankful that my husband is just as crazy as I am and we can take on this new adventure together. There’s also the children of course, for whom I hope it will be a positive experience. So far, I’m glad that Jaden is just super excited about living close to the beach. He is also hopeful that Duchess will be sleeping in his room at night (this is still to be determined).

Steps taken this far?

(1) Speaking to all family members involved.

(2) Speaking to a family friend and realtor regarding renting and property management.

(3) Applying for new jobs (We started this whole thing with he idea of continuing to work remotely. Unfortunately our companies have issues with CA).

(4) Applying Jaden to new schools and looking into daycare options for Ella.

(5) Creating list of all work that needs to be done on the house in preparation for tenants.

There are so many steps to go and still quite a few contingencies but when I feel myself getting overwhelmed I have to remind myself that its okay to take a step back from big picture sometimes and just take one small step at a time.

If you are thinking of making any big moves or decisions I would highly encourage you to write everything down. Getting it out of your mind and onto paper can help provide insight and encourage you to think more objectively rather than emotionally. Plus, if your anything like me you will want to take a step back and analyze what is fueling your decisions. You’ll want to make sure you are operating out of truth and not fear.

“Keep Moving Forward”


Jasmine B.

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